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Risk, Reward and Psychology Management

SMTA institute teaches students risk-reward and psychology management before trading in the stock market during the preparation of NISM and NCFM certification. This is a very important part of trading. A student must know the risk and reward in buying or selling a particular stock. He must understand, How to do trading set up and how to control his mindset.Even if he gets loss on a particular day, it must not demotivate him. He must have a strong level of passion and emotion so that he does not get lost and continue to work in the stock market with strategies based calculations.

Topics covered:-

Trailing- If a student has been getting profit in a trade, then he has to create a mindset so as to trail the stop loss and keep increasing his profits.

Emotion and passion- Mentors at SMTA institute teach students to keep the mind calm and understand the value of their funds. This fund only will get them more money in this market. If they end up losing it, they might lose their career in it.

Stop-loss- The importance of stop loss is taught. A small loss is better than a bigger one since the stock market is highly volatile at times.

De-motivation- The stock market is highly risky and it’s a game of profit and loss. Many times students feel that the market gets against them as soon they pick up a trade. Our mentors clear their misconceptions and keep them motivated.

Panic- Many times students get panicky after picking a position in the wrong trade. We guide them through it and boost their confidence.

Rules and regulations- We have devised a set of rules and regulations. If a student sticks to it and keeps working with our strategies then he will surely be stable in the market for long. Otherwise, they may incur losses taking advice from someone or some advisory services.

Strategy confirmation and planning- Once a strategy has been taught, we keep on sharing our research one day prior so that the student may check the strategy and plan his next step.

Market setup- Our teachers create the market set up themselves and hand over to students. They only need to understand and manage it.

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Courses fees & Duration

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