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Price Action and Scalping Trading

As observed, Intraday traders think that INTRADAY TRADING means QUICK MONEY. Intraday traders tend to jump into the market from the opening bell in order not to miss any opportunity. However, without proper knowledge and tools, these traders get trapped in the market, Their hopes of making money crashes and they end up booking losses. This trader then starts looking for revenge from the market. They enter more funds into the stock market, take unnecessary trades, take advice from so-called market experts, and eventually, they wipe their capital accounts.

Traders need to understand that Intraday trading is not gambling. Trading is more like art with a certain set of rules and limitations that govern the market. Traders need to possess not only technical knowledge but discipline and emotional strength. Before taking any trade, a trader should understand that it is his own money and he should only trade when conditions are in favor. Proper risk management should be implemented and risk rewards should be attractive to take that trade as well.

Intraday Trading, Price Action, and Scalping Course have been specially designed for experienced traders whose basic stock market knowledge is strong and want to learn to trade Intraday. After completing this course, traders would be well equipped with all the tools necessary to make consistent profits in the Stock Market.

Advanced technical analysis and Smart technical tools along with risk management and trading psychology

will give you the power to generate calls with confidence, mint money and never lose your funds to the market.

Course Details and what makes this course special:

  1. No bookish strategies will be shared. Guaranteed!!
  2. Pro-Scalping strategies will be given so that good returns can be generated in the least possible screen time. You need not sit in front of the system the whole day.
  3. Pro-Screening EOD Tools’ access will also be shared with the students during this course. These tools will help you to make an easy stock selection based on advanced strategies.
  4. Pro-Scalping Live Market Tools to assist you while live trading would help traders to make the right entry and exit decisions.

Our aim to design this course is to give rise to a league of new-gen “SMART TRADERS”. No need to spend time and energy on Stock Selection. Spend your valuable time on learning and educating yourself. Don’t trade blindly, use our pro tools to assist you in confirming your trades. Don’t hesitate, start with this course today. It is your foundation to rule the Stock Market.


Courses fees & Duration

  • Registration Fees – ₹ 1,000/-
  • Program Fees – ₹ 35,000/-
  • Program Duration 3 months

Courses fees & Duration

1 Year