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Commodity Market Trading Course

SMTA institute has designed commodity market trading course for the traders who want to earn profits in MCX exchange of India by trading in GOLD, CRUDE Oil, Silver, Copper Nickel and Zinc. This course is for both beginners and intermediate traders who have plans to make healthy earnings from trading full-time or part-time after their job hours.

SMTA has included so many topics which are related to technical analysis strategy based by keeping in mind the proper risk-reward ratio in which trader would be able to protect himself/herself from big losses and also to make big profits by taking a nominal risk. All the strategies would be thought to apply in the live market so that students will trade more confidently and make good returns in both Intraday as well as in swing trading.

In the commodity market program, we have added some advance strategy in which you can earn 1000-1500 points of profits in metals such as gold, silver and in crude oil, which will be shown live in the market.

If any student wants to learn commodity market course, he/ she had a proper knowledge of derivative markets because in commodity one can only trade in derivative segments and would be able to make their trading career.


  1. Basics of Commodity Market
  2. Technical Analysis – basic chart reading, candlestick patterns
  3. Advanced Technical Analysis
  4. Intraday Scalping Strategy using Pro Scalper Tools.


Knowledge of Derivative Market. If you are a new trader, please join our derivative market course before joining Commodity Market Course.


Students will be provided with Advanced tools during the training period. Live trading sessions with be conducted after training.

Courses fees & Duration

  • Registration Fees – ₹ 1,000/-
  • Program Fees – ₹ 25,000/-
  • Program Duration 2 months

Courses fees & Duration

1 Year