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Master Diploma in Financial Market

MDFM – Master Diploma in Financial Market diploma is a one-year job-oriented and pro-trading program. This is an advanced-level program in which students are prepared for NISM and NCFM certification and are also given guidance by our mentors to become professional traders. Our mentors will fully support the students to make their job careers, as well as trading careers, and make their trading and investment decisions profit-making decisions.

SMTA Institute is taking all the necessary steps to provide a trading lifestyle to its students and make them independent traders. We teach our student's real funds in the live market to explain the trading sentiment. While teaching advanced strategies, we ensure that students follow the rules- regulations so that they can control their emotions.

In the MDFM course, SMTA Institute provides its students with advanced profit-making strategy signal tools and scanners which we have made through research. It will help the students in making the right trading and investment decisions so that they can follow the perfect strategy to practice during the beginning stages. When they are more experienced, they can also trade in these strategies with live funds.

Scanner and Tools are based on advanced technical strategy in which students will be taught live market strategies during the course and whatever strategy is taught in class, we will provide robotic tools that will give signals to the students to help them in making trading decisions. 

After completion of the Master Diploma in Financial Market course, you will be given a 100% guaranteed job opportunity to work as a Portfolio Manager, International Broking House Hedge and PE funds, KPOs and Banks, Equity and Derivative market dealer, Equity Market and Investment Advisor, Sales Manager and Relationship Manager, Assistant Manager, Executive Sales, Financial and Supervision Analyst, Fund Accounting Role and Growth Manager, Technical Research Executive, Technical and Fundamental Analyst.

Why choose (Master Diploma in Financial Market Course) from SMTA Institute?

  1. The experience of all the teachers in the SMTA institute is more than 15 years and all the modules will be made practical in the live market by those teachers.
  2. SMTA institute has made its MDFM (master's diploma in the financial market) course fees very affordable
  3. After preparing for NISM or NCFM certification, students will be given free mock tests.
  4. Students’ Demat account will be opened and an amount of 50,000 rupees will be given for trading in it.
  5. In this course of 8 months, the funds will be given to the students in their Demat account in the 2nd month itself so that the students can also earn money during classes in a live market and understand the sentiment of buyers and sellers in the market.
  6. Students will be given 50% of whatever profit will be made in trading and if students do loss then the entire loss will be to the company, the student will not have to pay any loss.
  7. The student will only get the right to profit, no part of the loss will be taken from him and the student will be given in writing while taking admission.


  1. Capital Market Module (NCFM Certification)
  2. Equity Derivative Market Module (NISM Certificate)
  3. Technical Analysis Module (NCFM Certification)
  4. Commodity Market Module (NCFM Certification)
  5. Currency Market Module (NISM Certification)
  6. Advanced Options Strategy (NCFM Certification)
  7. Fundamental Analysis (NCFM Certification)

Courses fees & Duration

  • Registration Fees – ₹ 2,000/-
  • Program Fees – ₹ /-
  • Program Duration 8 months

Courses fees & Duration

1 Year