If you have brought Rs 1 lakh for intraday trading, then you can make a profit of 5% or 10%, but you must have a good knowledge of the stock market and technical analysis. If you don’t know technical analysis, do not enter the stock market because the stock market doesn't move according to you, you have to move according to the market. If you are thinking that I have to earn a 5% or 10% return daily, then you can also be wrong because you have to keep in mind the risk-reward ratio while trading in the stock market. If the market is in your favor and you are getting profit, even then you have to keep looking at the market because any kind of positive or negative news can change your profit at any time.
Similarly, if you are running a profit and in technical analysis, you are working in any kind of intraday strategy and that strategy goes in reverse, then you have to exit your position no matter what the profit. Whether or not you are at your break-even point, you have to exit the trade and during this time you can also get some profit by trailing your position. In trading, you have to be very alert and whatever strategy you are working on, you will have to do backtesting first, if you are benefiting from that
strategy then only you can trade in the live market. If you take care of all these things then you can make very good money from the stock market, but you must strengthen yourself before entering this market.