Nifty is holding strong till now. The strength it shows from its recent low i.e. 10790 looks like it will try to touch its previous high i.e. 12400 where it will face the resistance. For the downside move, it will find support at 10700, 10520(200 DEMA)

According to the weekly charts, nifty try to break the 11800 levels and face the resistance at 12140 but if nifty starts moving downward journey it will take support at 11080

For the daily analysis nifty will move up to break it's recent high i.e. 11800 either with gap-up or with volume and face its 1st resistance at 11940,11980 and if nifty moves downward direction it will take its immediate support at 11700 then 11580, 11350( 50 DEMA)

Watch nifty movement with Reliance and TCS
As they are gaining strength.