According To monthly Chart Till now, Nifty is bullish But it has strong Resistance at 10750 Level I.e. Nearby 20EMA Once It reaches There then we can see some retracement from there.
Coming To Weekly, last week was Bullish and made a kind of Morubozu Candle but again in this week 10740 level act as a Strong Resistance in Weekly chart at this level 100EMA also available so It can act as great Resistance level For Nifty.
Coming To Daily Chart, Nifty is Just slightly above 200 EMA But again From Nifty High It retraces up to Fibonacci Level Of 61.8%. Now Nifty is Trading near to that level So if the nifty move up we can see up to 10750 then on Daily basis 10750 level also has A great Resistance as previous Gap Was there so we can see Some Retracement from That Level.


Coming To Data Point And Option Chain Analysis:- FII Was net Seller overall Every Day FII Sold But DII were net buyer whatever FII sold almost DII bought approx same amount. Coming To Option Chain Analysis of this week 10600 CE has more than 24 Lakh Open Interest and Change in Open Interest also more than 8 lakh. 10800 CE has more than 19lakh Open Interest and Change in Open Interest also more than 6.8lakh in this level On Put Side 10400 PE has More Open Interest I.e. More than 23 lakh and Change in Open Interest also more than 8 lakh Coming To PCR Ratio It is 1.13 Approx So By Seeing All Option Chain Data And Technical Analysis View I’m not much bullish nor much bearish Also So Expecting Nifty To Trade Between 10200-10800 Level

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Thank You. Analysis By,
Mr. Suraj Kaushal (Stock Analyst)