Long term investment tips

One has to stay in the stock market for a longer duration to make money (10 -15 years minimum)
In the stock, market money can’t be earned in a short time.
What kind of strategy should we have?
1) Buy a stock of a good blue-chip company, whose product sells well in the market, as investors like us have no other means to buy blue-chip shares unless and until we buy a share of the best company in the market then the profit will be in our stride.
Examples- Nestle, Asian paints, HUL, HDFC bank, etc kind of companies with more sales in the market is more then we should only buy the shares of that company.
Another example can be seen in the software companies where money can be invested when there is a boom; an example of this is Nokia which has flopped today was at the top of the market for some time its sale was maximum at that time to stay in the stock market for the longer duration one should invest in diversified pay, not in a single sector or single share. Different sectors should be invested in their boom

This simply means that your portfolio should be in accordance with time changing means increasing the money in the boom sector by selling stock during boom time and it will take less time to grow wealth
If the profit is made at the rate of 26%per annum, the amount invested will be doubled in 3 years.
While making a portfolio one has to pay attention to the yearly profit of the invested amount, if earning 10-15% then make some alteration in your portfolio so that you could earn 20 -21% of yearly profit, always keep on improving the portfolio.

In the stock market, one can earn wealth in long-duration only when if you invest 100rupees in stock and if for some reason it reduces to rupee 50 or less than it and you are still keeping it in your portfolio and not selling it in spite of 50% loss, you should sell the stock likewise when the cost of 100 rupees increase to 200 hundred rupees don’t sell the stock and keep it for longer duration in your portfolio only then your wealth will be made.
There are many other plans which could be understood with the experience.

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