Daily chart:-
Ambuja Cement shares converted into a downtrend due to an epidemic named Corona in March 2020. The stock was trading at the price of 203 Rupees but after the downside move, the price of Ambuja Cement was made a low of Rs 138 and consolidated for a few days there. After that, Ambuja Cement converted his trend to a bullish trend by taking support at 138, and now the stock is trading at 206 and now again on the technical basis view on Ambuja Cement has turned bearish and it further can move towards the bottom. its first support level is at the level of 186.35 and the second support is at the level of 162. if somehow Ambuja Cement able to hold these levels then you can make a long view on the stock but if it doesn't survive these levels then you can avoid taking long positions.
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