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Advanced Master Diploma in Financial Market Program

The Advanced Master diploma in the financial market program is a 1 year, 100 % job-oriented advanced level trading program. In this course, we provide training to the students, to be successful entrepreneur traders and we also prepare them for NISM or NCFM certification. This gives a complete base for a career in the stock market. Students can opt for either job or trading as their career in life, as per their liking and acumen. Anyone, who has passed at least the 12th class examination in any stream is eligible for the course. We have many examples of successful traders, who switched their careers to trading even much later in life, after an MBA, Engineering, or many years in jobs or even people from creative fields like dancers. These days many housewives are also opting for a career in this field as this can be done from home with flexible hours of work. So this course is for everybody, at any age or any level in an existing career, who wishes to enter this exciting and money-making career. Even if you are happy and satisfied in your existing career, still you can learn this to invest your money and grow exponentially. While you work, your money keeps on making more money on its own. It gives much better options than property, FDs, or any other financial instrument.

SMTA institute has been committed and dedicated to providing students with the necessary strategies and confidence in taking decisions based on techniques. A successful trader also needs to keep in mind, all rules and regulations of the stock market. In all this, a lot of practice is required. We handhold and mentor our student lifetime. To give a kick start, we at SMTA, provide students our own funds for practicing under an experienced mentor. This is our, out of way, only one industry initiative, to make our students confident and independent. During the handling of this fund, profits remain with the students, while we bear the losses. This helps students to trade in the real market with real money without fear and emotions. This is very crucial for a profitable trader. We at SMTA, feel pride in the handsome profits earned by our students when they share their success stories with us. We just do not believe in teaching, but in creating successful traders.

How does it work:- We provide students a Demat account with 2 lac Rupees after completing a technical analysis course. Students trade with this fund under the mentor at our premises only. The reason, we give funds, is cause paper trading or dummy account don’t really play with one’s emotions. Real profit and losses make one experience happiness, sadness, fears, and passions associated with this market. Normally, after completing the course, students start working in the stock market with their own money. If they make losses initially, then it breaks their heart and sometimes they just give up this career or make bigger losses in the hope of recovering previously. Sometimes, one may lose all his savings and go into depression. To save our students from all this, we equip our students mentally and psychologically. Students get funds from the company for trading. If students lose in trading then, we will bear the losses and 50% of the profit will be shared with the student. This gives students an excellent opportunity to earn while learning.

Advanced Master diploma in Financial Market program has a total of 16 modules like Capital Market, Derivative Market, Advanced Options Strategy, Technical Analysis, Advanced Technical Analysis, Elliot Wave Theory, Fundamental Analysis, Commodity Market, Currency Market, Mutual Fund, Price Action & Scalping, Research Analyst, Order Flow Analysis, Market and Volume Profile, Forex International Market, Long Term Investment Course, AB-Pro Research Tools and Screener.

Why choose (Advance Master Diploma in Financial Market) from SMTA Institute?

  1. All mentors of SMTA Institute are NSE certified and have an experience of more than 15 years in the stock market.
  2. After the preparation of NCFM and NISM, students will be given free mock test papers.
  3. Free Demat accounts of students will be opened and Rs 2 lakh will be given for trading in it. Real funds are given to the students so that the students can control their emotions and fear by trading in the real fund and not consider the market as a speculative market by being demotivated by the losses in the trading.
  4. The Advanced Master Diploma in Financial Market is a 1-year program in which students are given funds to trade from the 2nd month. Whatever profit the students make on trading, they will get a 50% share of that profit, and if students lose in trading then they have to pay nothing if they lose.
  5. Students will be given some such robotic tools and an advanced strategy-based screener, in which students will get help in researching the stock market.


  1. Capital Market Module (NCFM Certification)
  2. Equity Derivative Market Module (NISM Certificate)
  3. Technical Analysis Module (NCFM Certification)
  4. Commodity Market Module (NCFM Certification)
  5. Currency Market Module (NISM Certification)
  6. Advanced Options Strategy (NCFM Certification)
  7. Fundamental Analysis (NCFM Certification)
  8. Research Analyst (NISM Certification)
  9. Options Strategy (NCFM Certification)

Courses fees & Duration

  • Registration Fees – ₹ 2,000/-
  • Program Fees – ₹ 150000/-
  • Program Duration -

Courses fees & Duration

1 Year